PCL Company Overview
Pacific Coast Lacquer has been a leader in the vehicle refinishing industry for over 85 years. Our West Coast roots give us unique expertise in premium performance as well as environmental responsibility. From the perfect clear coat on your '37 Ford Cabriolet Hot Rod, to touching up a minor collision repair, PCL has the right automotive coating solution for any application.

PCL Offers a Complete Line of Industry Leading Automotive Refinishing Products
As our company has grown and our customers become more diversified, the PCL portfolio of superior and environmentally responsible products has expanded to meet our customer's needs. By focusing on the ever-changing technologies of the future, PCL customers have access to most current, high-performance, compliant products available on the market today such as Surface Cleaners, Pre-Treatment Coatings, Primers, Primer Surfacers, Primer Sealers, Single Stage Topcoats, Clear Coats and Solvents.

PCL is one of the Most Environmentally Responsible Automotive Coatings Manufacturers in America
Today, PCL is an industry leader in the development and production of environmentally responsible, low VOC coating products for the automotive refinishing market that meet or exceed the stringent standards adopted by Air Quality Management Districts nationwide.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility does not stop with our coating products.

Through our subsidiary Pacific Resources Recovery Services, we also offer a full line of Waste Management Systems, Haz-Mat Spill Kits, Secondary Containment Systems, Safety Storage, Paint Booth Filter Disposal and Training, as well as hazardous waste collection and recycling. PCL is a truly environmentally responsible partner and offers the solutions you need to meet your compliance and environmental goals.

Commitment to our Customers and the Future PCL is committed to supplying our customers with the most up-to-date, superior, environmentally responsible and compliant vehicle coating products on the market today. Our expert sales and customer service personnel are the most experienced in the industry, and are always available to offer cutting edge solutions for all of your coating and compliance needs.

Contact us to learn more about how PCL can help you today. www.pclautomotive.com 800-672-4900